What is Bux-Matrix?
                 It is an International advertising program. More specifically, it is a paid to click advertisement program with matrix referral system.

EMS Bux-Matrix Team


Join our TEAM and earn $8776.20 for only $12!!
               Best of all, you can join even if you already have an account!! (Standard only)

Those that join the team are only required to join under us and upgrade in Bux-matrix. The matrix position lasts forever. We are using a Downline Spillover System. That means, we will provide everyone with 2 downlines for free. Later on, your downline will also get 2 referrals, and you earn from them too. Here's the GRAPH of how much you can earn in your lifetime!

  • Why join us

    Instead doing everything by yourself, you can join this team!

    Why bother clicking alone?

  • How it works

    As a member of the team, You will be given 2 first level downlines.

    Those 2 downlines will earn you $3 (Bux-matrix pays $1.50 for each 1st level downline) plus another $4 for being your direct downline.

  • How to join

    It's extremely simple! Just click on the JOIN NOW button!!

    Why wait? Please make sure to put "BuxMatrix050706" in the referrer button to know that you were referred by me. "

What are the benefits?

  • Everyone loves benefits

    1. Once you upgrade, worth $12, you will have a lifetime position in the matrix.
    2. You will earn from $0.20 to $2 for every referral that join under your matrix.
    3. You will have access to more ads for the first 2 months.
    4. You will earn $0.05 from every first level referral that are active.
    5. You will earn $0.005 commission on the clicks of your 1st level downlines.
    6. You will earn up to $0.01 from Paid Emails
    7. Best of all, you get 2 referrals from us!

Our terms

  • Follow these rules

    - You must have an account without any upgrades to join the team
    - The order in which you are added to the team list is determined by the time/date you upgrade
    - Anyone found cheating will be removed from the team, and their downlines removed as well. (Report to me if your downline disappeared)